Waterfront and Wetlands Tour

Waterfront and Wetlands Tour explores the ever-changing waterfront, going back 100 years to see how people and natural events have shaped the shoreline and our city’s most important natural resource. We wade into the debate over land use along the waterfront, map out a wetland, examine Ontario’s most creative street design, and get flooded with a natural disaster.


• Students map out the biodiversity of an urban wetland
• Learn how human activity helped cause the flooding of Toronto Islands and discuss ways to prevent more natural disasters in the future
• Settlement patterns: we learn it’s no coincidence that Canada’s biggest city is next to a massive body of water
• Check out the unique road design that serves cars, pedestrians, cyclists and streetcars
• Discover how the lake’s cold temperature cools some of downtown’s tallest skyscrapers
• Answer the questions: Is Lake Ontario really that polluted? AND What will happen to the Lake as the climate warms?

Ends at Ontario Square, close to fast food outlets and plenty of great waterfront picnic spots for packed lunches.

Cost: $12 per student, plus HST. Teachers and supervisors are free of charge. Two hours long.