Revitalize This! The Urban Geography Tour

Revitalize This! The Urban Geography Tour explores two neighbourhoods with a shared history but different outcomes — Victorian Cabbagetown and Regent Park. On this interactive walk participants discover the forces that shaped the villages, and explore the $1 billion plan that is making Regent Park into a model of social inclusion and sustainability.


• In Regent Park, discover street planning, food deserts and components of a healthy neighbourhood

• Get an up-close look at the $1 billion revitalization plan that promises to turn Regent into one of the most important ‘hoods in the world

• Social integration debate: will mixing social classes help Regent Park?

• In Cabbagetown we see an urban farm, debate gentrification, introduce Jane Jacob’s urban planning principles and look at public housing done right

**Starts at Riverdale Farm in Cabbagetown. Ends at Parliament & Dundas Street, a few minutes walk into the heart of Cabbagetown which has fast food outlets galore, or students can bring a lunch and eat in Riverdale Park.

Cost: $12 per student, plus HST. Teachers and supervisors are free of charge. Two hours long.