Teacher Resources

Kensington Market SCAVENGER HUNT:
NOTE: This is not a guided tour. It is an independent Scavenger Hunt to encourage self-learning. Students will work independently in groups of 4-6 to complete each activity, with one Walk T.O. guide facilitating per class. We recommend bringing additional supervisors or parent volunteers, they are free of charge.
DOWNLOAD: Kensington Hunt Info Pack

Required Day-Of Material:
Printing & Preparation Teacher Instructions
Activity Sheets to Print:
1) Scavenger Hunt #1 The Past—Jewish Market
2) Scavenger Hunt #2 The Present—Multicultural Market
3) Budget Challenge Activity Sheet
4) Budget Challenge Map
Photo Essay Assignment INTERMEDIATE (Grades 6 or below)
Photo Essay Assignment ADVANCED (Grades 7 and up)
Eco-Lution! The Campus Tour
DOWNLOAD: Eco-lution Info Pack

Required Day-Of Material: Eco-lution Handout.
Please print out one per student and bring along!
Media on the Streets Tour
DOWNLOAD: Media on the Street Tour Info Pack

Please bring a notepad and pen.
Required In-Class Preparation: Prepare students to be Street Reporters as follows:
1) Break them into groups of 3-4.
2) Ask them to imagine they are journalists
2) Review the topic—Immigration to Toronto—by reading these two newspaper stories: Toronto Diversity and Syrian Refugee Stories.
3) Ask them to form 3 key questions that they can ask passers-by. Optional Reporting Assignment: Can be tailored to all grade levels
Art & the City Tour
DOWNLOAD:Art & the City Info Pack

Day-of-Material: Drawing materials for every student; cameras if possible.

Revitalize This! The Urban Geography Tour

Required Day-Of Material: Activity Sheet (Please print a copy for each student, or groups of student as you wish). Please bring a pen/pencil and something solid to write on.