Our Guides

Jayeden Walker
Jayeden Walker is a full time student and part time circus artist. In her artistic endeavors Jayeden practices aerial hoop and silks, and coaches both gymnastics and circus arts. When she’s not dangling from the ceiling, Jayeden is working towards her BA in English and equity studies at the University of Toronto. In her spare time, Jayeden runs a small jewelry company, makes vegan food, and gets lost in bookshops. She is passionate about using education as a framework for activism, and loves having animated discussions with opinionated people. Walking tours give Jayeden the chance to engage in conversations, show off her city, and share all of the random facts she’s memorized.
Jonathan Silver
Jonathan Silver is a speaker, educator, researcher, writer, urban interventionist and down-to-earth philosopher (MA, University of Toronto). He is passionate about experiential teaching: creating meaningful experiences that result in deep understanding. You can find some examples of that on his website. Jonathan thinks a lot about sensory design and how cities can be made better by improving the way they sound, smell and feel. Jonathan loves exploring Toronto while walking, running and biking. He loves leading tours to share what he has discovered.
Kelly King
Kelly King is a recent graduate from York University’s Masters of Environmental Studies program. While there, she focused her research on ways in which to discuss Indigenous histories of Toronto, as well as settler identities, through community arts practices. Kelly is passionate about creating spaces to discuss history, equity and environmentalism. This will be Kelly’s second season with Walk TO and she is excited to continue educating students while enjoying the many sights of Toronto.
Maddox Campbell
Maddox Campbell is a actor, writer, comedian, and producer based out of Toronto. Originally from New Brunswick, he studied at The University of New Brunswick achieving a Bachelor’s of Arts (English/Theatre) and a Bachelor’s of Computer Science. In 2009, he moved to Toronto to pursue a creative career. Along with doing walking tours, Maddox produces a variety of things under Kicks and Giggles Entertainment label including live improv shows, pub-trivia nights, a radio-play podcast, and a board game. Maddox loves to learn and loves to share what he’s learned with others.
Natalie Frijia
Natalie Frijia is a Toronto-based writer and theatre-maker, currently completing her PhD at the University of Toronto’s Graduate Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, and the School of the Environment. She was also a member of Storefront Theatre’s inaugural playwriting unit. Recent theatrical works include: Divine (Indie 6ix, Storefront Theatre); Black Wool Jacket (Regina Fringe); technical direction for the Toronto Festival of Clowns; and stage managing the Canadian Fringe debut of the world’s most famous acrobatic comedy kazoo duo, Philip and Lucinda. Natalie and her bicycle go almost everywhere together: parks, beaches, museums and libraries. Usually her bike has to stay outside, but that doesn’t stop them from attempting joint adventures. Natalie and her bike have traveled down the Pacific Coast, across the Trans Canada, and through the Rockies more often than she’s returned library books on time. Natalie’s favorite place to explore in Toronto is down Front Street East of Toronto, from Union to the St. Lawrence Market, through Leslieville and the Leslie Street Spit, and somehow, finally, ending up on Toronto Island.
Nicole Tollenaar
Nicole Tollenaar After graduating from University of Toronto, Nikki took off for a couple of years to explore the big, wild world. She taught English in Thailand and Taiwan, where she was able to climb some mountains, ride her scooter across both countries (and visit many more!), eat everything at all the night markets, get lost about a million times, and have some hilarious and lovely times along the way. Nikki is interested in social justice, developmental psychology and creating inclusive and supportive communities and environments. She believes in the shared responsibility of creating these spaces and is enthusiastic about teaching and learning more about Toronto’s past, present and future with you!
Shadi Afshar
Shadi Afshar became passionate about the environment at a young age, growing up a stone’s throw from High Park. Since, then, she has lived in all four corners of Toronto, and never tires of exploring new neighbourhoods, parks, and local cafes. She is particularly inspired when local abandoned factories are revived as vibrant public spaces for art, culture, and environmental education. Her travels have taken her through, Canada, Europe, and almost as many regions in France as there are French cheeses. Today, Shadi is a dedicated educator who combines her background in Philosophy, Environmental studies, and Arts-based education with innovative and compassionate educational practice. Shadi is a graduate of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto, where she earned her Bachelor of Education, and Master of Arts in Social Justice Education.
Trevor Campbell
Trevor Campbell is a Toronto-based designer, writer, and educator. Recently, he sailed around the world as a program facilitator and instructor with Peace Boat, an NGO/NPO which works to connect people internationally in an effort to create a global culture of peace. In 2016, he graduated from the Master of Design program at York University with a focus on DIY approaches to public exhibition and visual storytelling within dense urban frameworks. Trevor is a globetrotter with itchy feet and has had the immense privilege of traveling to nearly 40 countries, including stints living and working in Japan, France, Italy, and the U.S. His interests include reading fiction, trying new foods, distance running, and anything to do with arts and culture. His favourite places to explore in Toronto include Roncesvalles, Church Street, the Don Valley, and anywhere with a festival or farmers’ market.